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Summer minister Job Opening

Summer 2023 Minister Position 


The Church of Christ in Mount Washington, Massachusetts, seeks a summer minister for the ten-weeks between Saturday July 1 - Sunday September 3, 2023. Candidates may be a divinity student or an ordained minister. If the minister is not yet ordained, a retired minister in our congregation will assist in offering Communion (on the final Sunday of the season) or any other sacraments as needed. 



  1. Plan and lead the church worship service every Sunday, including giving an original sermon that speaks to the needs of our community. 

  2. In consultation with the deacons, initiate and implement activities such as a book group, Bible study group, Interfaith Worship Service and Community Memorial Service.

  3. Get to know all the members of our community, especially by visiting people in need. 

  4. Participate in the Sunday afternoon church/community softball games and the annual Church Fair.

  5. Help further our goal of bringing people together and strengthening a sense of community.


Our Community: We are a U.C.C.-affiliated Church with roots in the mainline Protestant Congregationalist tradition. Our style of worship is influenced by the Congregationalist tradition but we actively explore other forms of worship and include modern adaptations, such as poetry and philosophical readings. We are the only church in town and our 30-50 church members come from a variety of Christian denominations, including Congregationalist, Presbyterian, Quaker and Roman Catholic. Church members come from all religions and none. In addition, there is an active group of Friends of the Church. One of the smallest towns in Massachusetts, Mt. Washington sits in a mountain saddle in the Berkshires under the second highest peak in the region and is surrounded by state parks and forests. 


Time: 20+ hours/week.

Salary: $7,000 (equals $700 a week for ten weeks).

Housing: Local/regional accommodations will be provided, unless the minister already lives in the area (in which case mileage costs will be provided according to the current federal rate).

Application Deadline: Feb 1, or until position is filled.

Submit resume and cover letter to:


Frank Cotter, Head Deacon. Dana Crowell, Pamela Pescosolido: Deacons.


Physical Address: 428 East Street, Mount Washington,  Massachusetts, 01258

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 695, South Egremont, Massachusetts, 01258

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